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5 Ways to Support Muslim Employees During Ramadan

Article by: Charisse Fontes – Culture Circle With over 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, it’s important for workplaces to know how to support employees who participate in Ramadan. This quick article will help you educate and show how you can support employees who partake in Ramadan. You can also click here for a downloadable PDF you can share with […]

The Most In-Demand Skills for Recruiters in 2021

Article by, Jenna Pilja The Most In-Demand Skills for Recruiters in 2021 By Jenna Pilja  2020 was a historic year for the world and the world of work is no exception. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated issues that have been long overdue, such as embracing remote work and prioritizing diversity and inclusion as a business priority.  Now that both these initiatives […]

The Complete Guide to Prepare for Black History Month (you still have time)

Article by, Charisse Fontes Founder of Culture Circle Don’t have a plan yet, don’t worry, we got you! I’ll break down 7 ways to authentically integrate Black History Month activities into your company culture, as well as a strategy map for implementation and an opportunity to highlight your fantastic work. Before we get started, I want to say: Black history […]

Change Your Workplace, Change the World

Article by, Jenna Pilja Inequality in the United States continues to be an incredibly problematic component of our ongoing history. As a political era of blatant racism comes to an end, we now face the aftermath of extreme social division that transcends politics, testing each of our humanity and how we chose to show up in the world and in […]

2020 Brings Change and New Possibilities

Hello Recruiters!  This year has certainly brought it’s share of hardships and trials to everyone. With the hit of COVID-19, we were smack in the middle of planning an event, adding Board Chair Members, and planning out what 2020 would look like for us. We quickly had to take a step back from our love of in-person events, and re-evaluate […]