2020 Brings Change and New Possibilities

Hello Recruiters! 

This year has certainly brought it’s share of hardships and trials to everyone. With the hit of COVID-19, we were smack in the middle of planning an event, adding Board Chair Members, and planning out what 2020 would look like for us. We quickly had to take a step back from our love of in-person events, and re-evaluate how we could move forward as an organization. 

We were able to pivot and embrace the new era of Zoom Webinars and hosted an amazing  panel of Talent Leaders on Hiring in an Uncertain Economy (Check out the recording in the link). 

But since then, not much has really been seen externally on what we have been working on. The truth is, we have been working on a really exciting project and we’re finally ready to share it with all of you. 

We knew the year 2020 would be a big milestone for our organization, as it marks our five year anniversary of providing professional development and networking to the talent community.

COVID-19 and the immediate push to remote work for all, had us realizing the way in which we work is changing, the way in which we connect is changing, and that our organization that was prodimetly focused on in-person events, would have to change as well.  

Drum Roll Please…. 

Without further adieu, I would like to announce our rebrand launch from Silicon Valley Recruiters Association to: 

After operating our association in the Bay Area for five years and creating a community based around education and sharing industry knowledge, we felt called to expand our community. This is to ensure our community remains a top resource for recruiters as they grow in their careers, as we strive to  provide a robust, diverse collection of educational resources including webinars, mentorship, training, live events, and more.

The work that is created in our global technology hub paves the way for other businesses across the globe, within recruitment and beyond. We feel we have a moral obligation to share the collective wisdom we are humbled to experience first-hand.

We are dedicated to listening and learning to broaden our perspective. There is much wisdom to gain by sharing with each other across states, countries and cultures. And that’s what we are here to do. Together.
Jump on over to our brand new website to learn more.

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