Our Officers and Board Members hold themselves to a high standard and these are the values based behavioral competencies of our Board of Directors.

To review our entire Bylaws

I. Officer and Board Member Values Based Behavioral Competencies

The core values of the organization are as follows and should be embodied by all Officers and Board Members:

1. Lifelong Learning

    1. Remain educated on recruiting and people operations industry trends as they evolve.
    2. Actively apply this knowledge into creating informative, meaningful programs for the organization.  
    3. Develop events and strategy for the organization.
    4. Research and public speaking: Facilitate panel discussions while applying industry trends and current events to position SVRA as an industry thought leader in all discussions facilitated.
    5. Select all speakers and event sponsors that are beneficial to ongoing education of our community. 
    6. Conduct regular feedback surveys with current and prospective Association members to understand areas of interest for developing continued education curriculum.

2. Inclusion

  1. Prioritize diversity, inclusion, and equity in all the organization does (diversity in board of directors, panelists being selected, and sponsors the organization chooses to work with).

  2. Develop and design all SVRA programs and written content keeping inclusion at the top of mind (by way of example, writing with inclusive language on any of the organization’s events, email communications and being sensitive of language when presenting to audiences as moderators).

  3. Create yearly diversity and inclusion panel goals to ensure the organization is having balanced conversations during its events.

3. Leadership

    1. Emotional and social intelligence: Actively listens to all members, volunteers, and board members in a respectful manner.
    2. Take initiative to proactively better the organization through self- managing their own work and leading by example amongst the board and community.
    3. Take an active interest in meeting SVRA members at events and for one on one meetings acting as a brand ambassador for the Association.
    4. Problem solver: when something doesn’t work, seeks to understand what could have been done differently.
    5. Transparency: Do not point blame or make excuses for why something didn’t get done. Take responsibility for all decisions and take the steps needed to move forward for the good of the organization.
    6. Bravery: Is authentic with others even when it may not be easy and escalates issues that are time sensitive to the team. 
    7. Ethical. Makes decisions for the good of the Association.
    8. Provide cross-training to incoming board members.

4. Community Collaboration

    1. Transparently share weekly project updates and also leverages other communication methods for detailed real time updates about scope of work being achieved.
    2. Possess the business acumen necessary to delegate tasks amongst the team to ensure optimized efficiency for a variety of scenarios.
    3. Communicate with team members in separate meetings outside of monthly Board meetings.
    4. Consistently strive to help others on the Board and within the Association, even if outside the scope of their operational role.

5. Mentorship

    1. Practice peer to mentorship with all internal stakeholders and Association members.
    2. Organize meetings that are conducive to training and roundtable discussions that are conducive to adult learning.